Old North Group, a family business that has been operating as a single family office for more than 40 years, invests in various types of large real estate projects in the United States.

The company began when the family's grandfather, Eli Zborowski, arrived destitute in New York after surviving the Holocaust. He started working in the real estate field, making successful deals while creating connections based on trust and companies with the pillars of the real estate market in the city.

Today, Zborowski's grandson, Uri Gutman, serves as the company's CEO. Mr. Gutman, along with his father Brigadier General (Res.) Avner Naveh, manages the business from offices in Tel Aviv and New York.

Today, even outside investors can join:

After many years of lucrative family-only transactions, Mr. Gutman decided to open Old North Group's investment opportunities to other investors. Now investors with equity of $150,000 or more can partner with the company in its investments.

Thanks to the family's extensive connections in the United States, Old North Group enjoys access to premium investments which it opens only to family and friends. The company invests itself in all projects it offers to other investors, so the company and its investing partners share interests, such as maximizing profit while minimizing risk.

Extremely high profitability potential

One of our forte’s is identifying “icing on the cake” deals. Unlike other companies in the field, we carefully select and only invest in high level real estate in high demand areas. All our investments have high profitability potential within an investment period of 1.5 to 5 years.

Old North Group specializes in the intensely competitive U.S. real estate market. With our vast experience and strong relationships with relevant parties, we can invest and enable others to invest in huge projects, including entrepreneurial transactions, acquisitions, improvements, models of loans for entrepreneurs and more.

Confidence of a company that has been operating for decades

Old North Group does not have luxurious offices and officers with huge salaries. We are a family business that focuses only on making successful investments. All our carefully selected investments are in the tens of millions of dollars range and not open to private investors.

Thanks to our financial backing, we can enable investors with limited investment capital to take part in high-level deals. All of our investors become our partners and benefit from the backing of a trustworthy company with a decades-long proven track record. Our real estate investment experience and business acumen enables us to identify only the most promising investments in the market.



with unyielding determination to succeed


including a disciplined due diligence process


via expert repositioning of properties


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