Old North Group

A multi-generational family owned and operated for 40 years.


Old North Group, owned and managed by the Naveh-Gutman family for over 40 years, is a leading commercial real estate investment company based in Manhattan and Tel Aviv.

The family and their affiliates have owned and developed more than 30 properties – comprised of nearly 5,000 units of multifamily, hotel, retail, and office space - in the New York metropolitan area, elsewhere in the United States, and in Israel since the 1970s. Old North Group has and continues to be determined and committed to achieving successful outcomes.


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Access to premium investments open only to friends and family
High profit potential within a period of 1.5 to 5 years
We do not have luxurious offices and huge salaries. Investments are our job.
Decades of experience in the U.S. real estate market
A family company with impeccable reliability and reputation
Experienced in making joint investments with company partners


We invite vetted investors to become partners in our investments.
With extensive connections in the real estate market in the United States, we only invest in projects with significant potential.
Due to our solid financial backing, we can enable investors with modest investment capital to become a part of huge deals.
With a decades of experience and a proven record of success in the U.S. real estate investment industry, we offer you the opportunity to become our partners.


Shivtey Israel

Tel Aviv - Yafo, Israel

Village Road North [SOLD]

Brooklyn, New York

Fordham Plaza

Bronx, New York

West 17th

Chelsea, Manhattan, New York

Sunset Yards

Brooklyn, New York

Graybarn at Island Hills

Sayville, New York

Selfridge Street [SOLD]

Forest Hills, New York

Society Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee


Years of Real Estate Investment Experience
Investments in Commercial Real Estate Projects
Units of Multifamily, Hotel, Retail, Office Space


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